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    The Transmission – Sub Is On The Move

    Update: 12:00 Here are the key points from the spoiler segment A shoot taking place at Widmore IndustriesAlan Dale/Charles Widmore was there – Episode 12 perhapsMore filming at the Yacht ClubCamp Erdman Filming – Micheal Emerson was there. Group of people were carrying Sawyer awayPrimitive Huts were set up on the beach for a night shootSubmarine loaded on the back of the truck being towed to filming. Hey All,We were just informed by our good friend from Hawaii Blog that the Dharma “sub is on the move again”. You can learn more details about this filming on the most recent Transmission podcast here: http://www.hawaiiup.com/lost/2009/01/25/season-5-premiere/ Posted By: The ODI