Radzinsky’s Dharma Job Title Revealed

Hey All,
A few days ago we posted images of a couple of new Dharma Logos and revealed an interesting list of Dharma Job titles for the various characters.

Well we also know that the mysterious Radzinsky will be seen in a Dharma outfit that has a Flame logo, but we were just been informed of his job title.

Here is a little message from our source:

Hey ODI,
Thanks for all the hard work you guys do with your sites.

I just noticed the little list of Dharma job titles on your site, but I think Radzinsky’s job title was missing. I happened to be on set when filming took place with all the characters and I noticed his title was “HEAD OF RESEARCH”.

I know it is nothing major, but thought I would let you all know.

When I asked our source what kind of “research” they would not elaborate any further for now.

So what do you all think Radzinsky could be researching?

Source: The ODI