Episode 5.03 – Jughead – Sneak Peek 3

Here is another sneak peek from Episode 5.03.

Thanks to T.L.A for the transcript

Locke: Who are these people?
Sawyer: Well gee, I didn’t have time to ask that with Frogurt on fire and all.
Juliet: They attacked us on the beach.
Locke: This, is a 30 calibre M1 Garand rifle. Looks new.
Sawyer: Who cares about the rifle? Where you been?
Locke: If you’d been going through what I have James, maybe the more appropriate question would be ‘when the hell have I been?’
Sawyer: What happened to your leg?
Locke: I got shot.
Sawyer: By Who?
Juliet: We can swap stories later. We told the rest of our group that we would meet them at the creek. If there’s any chance of reconnecting with them, we better get moving.
Sawyer: Fine. Seein’ as we have no rope to make sure these two don’t try to kill us again..I guess we’re gonna have to shoot em’
Man 1: (says something in Latin)
Jones: (replies in Latin)
Sawyer: (prodding Jones) What?
Juliet: (speaks to men in Latin)
Sawyer: What language is that?
Juliet: They’re speaking Latin. That one asked why we’re not in uniform and that one told him to shut up.
Locke: And how is it that they know how to speak Latin, Juliet?
Juliet: The same way as I do…because they’re Others.