Episode 5.03 – Jughead – Extended Sneak Peek

Thanks to b3rt4 for this slightly extended sneak peek.

Source: E!Online

Thanks to UltraHyperShadow for the transcript

Miles: Some rendezvous, it’s just us!
Daniel: Well, we should probably wait, see if they catch up. They could be right behind us.
Charlotte: Yeah, or they came and left.
Miles: Or they’re dead.
Daniel: Miles, that right there, that kind of…attitude…not exactly what we need right now. People are scared enough as it is…Miles? Miles?
[Miles notices two people ahead in the jungle, then spots a claymore and tripwire.]
Miles: Wait, don’t move!
[They move. The first claymore blows one guy sideways and the next sends the other guy flying. A third and fourth claymore goes off as the trio duck to the ground. A group of men with bows drawn surround them. Ellie, the blonde girl, walks out and aims at Miles.]
Ellie: Who’s in charge here?
Miles: He is.
[Weird first person camera angle as she points the gun at Daniel.]
Ellie: You just couldn’t stay away, could you?