Evangeline Lilly – Gma Interview With Sneak Peek From Episode 5.04 – The Little Prince

Thanks to Susan for the video. It’s pretty non-spoilerly but does have a sneak peek during the interview for Episode 5.04 – The Little Prince.

Thanks to T.L.A and FreakChiq for the transcript of the Sneak Peek

Jack: Why don’t you just tell me..
Kate: Jack, please..just go.
Jack: Please, please tell me..
Kate: Somebody wants Aaron.
Jack: What?
Kate: There’s a lawyer in there. (motions towards building) His clients, they know we’re lying. They know I’m not his mom and they’re gonna take him away.
Jack: Who’s gonna take him away?
(Car pulls away from building. Kate looks poised to follow.)
Jack: What are you doing?
Kate: Look, I gotta go. Get in or don’t.
(Jack gets in)