Latest Filming Update And Set Photos

Hey All,
We just received one of our first of hopefully many set reports from our new set reporter Roxy. She was able to get some nice details and pics for us to enjoy today.

Apparently a couple of new actors were on set along with cast regulars Michael Emerson, Yunjin Kim, Terry O’ Quinn and Frank Lapidus.

Here is the full report…Enjoy!

NOTE: If you repost this or any images, please credit back to the proper source. The images are not tagged and are provided to all of as a courtesy from our source. If they notice the images being posted with out proper credit, then they might not provide images to us in the future to share.

Okay so here’s the scoop. The day started with filming on the beach at like 12:30 pm.

Scene: A pair of canoes and luggage strewn around the beach.

People: There were two actors in the scene, a man with long salt and pepper hair, dressed in what appears to be a pilots uniform (assumed due to the shoulder boards and the wing pen on his chest). The pilot is banged up and has blood stains on his sleeve. He is approached by a man in a burgundy shirt and they conversate.
Could the pilot be Frank Lapidus? He doesn’t have facial hair though so hmmmmmm…. However, I noticed the crew trailers only had a few names on them, as they were set up for whomever was due to arrive during filming. Sun, Locke, Lapidus, Ben and two other names that I didn’t recognize.

I then went to the other side of the beach to catch the scene from a different angle. However, they had changed scenes. In this one, there is a bonfire but that’s all I know. I was not able to view it because they us move as to not be seen in the background.

At around 9 pm, we went back to Camp Erdman and before filming took place, Terry O’Quinn walked around to the gazebo and walked back towards “Ben’s” cabin. He was wearing a nice set of slacks and a button up shirt. MUCH nicer than what he would be wearing on the island. It was only a brief moment and it was extremely dark out there so the picture is blurry.

We were not able to get close to the action, but we found a little hole in which we could occasionally see Michael Emerson. We could not tell of anything else going on nor hear anything. We left at 11:30 pm- very frustrated and very wet from the rain!

So there you have it. OH but we did get a little inside scoop: A source from the set mentioned that previously they were in Honolulu filming a scene that was suppose to take place in New York. The actors were all wearing cold weather clothing and were burning up in the Hawaiian weather. The source also dished on who was the nicest actor and who was NOT! I didn’t get any additional information out of them other than they’ve been working long hours lately. darn.

So, until next time…

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